James Purba


Born at Pemantang Siantar, North Sumatra, on December 10, 1967. Jamaslin James Purba is well known for his strong litigation practices and has handled many litigation matters of substantial and large scaled value, as evident in his track records.


  • Faculty of law, University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta (S.H., 1992), graduating with a degree of Cum Laude.
  • Post Graduate, Law Faculty of Gadjah Mada University (2013).


  • Admitted to Bar, Indonesia (Asosiasi Advokat Indonesia/AAI)


  • Lawyer at Widjojo & Partners, Jakarta (1993), a Firm with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Lawyer at Amroos & Partners, Jakarta (1994-1996) a firm with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights and General Legal Practices.
  • Senior lawyer at Makarim & Taira S, Jakarta (1996-1999) a firm with specialization in Corporate Matters, Finance & Banking and General Legal Practices.
  • Senior Lawyer at Hotman Paris & Partners, Jakarta (1999-2002) a firm with specialization in Commercial Litigation & Bankruptcy and General Legal Practices.
  • Managing Partner of Law Firm James Purba & Partners (2002-present)
  • Team Member for the Liquidation of Bank Industri (Tim Likuidasi Bank Industri/TLBI) (2004 to the present), with the special tasks of collection against the Debtor with respect to the liquidation of Bank Industri, execution of Debtors Guarantee (Security Right, Fiduciary Security, Personal Guarantee, Corporate Guarantee, etc.)

Area of Practices:

Commercial and criminal litigation, Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Intellectual Property Rights, Labor Law, General Corporate Law, Administrative Law, Family Law, Criminal Law and Insurance, Initial Public Offering (IPO).


  • Since 1993: Indonesian Lawyer Association (Asosasi Advokat Indonesia)
  • 2013 – 2016: Advisor of DPC AAI JAKARTA PUSAT
  • 2010 – present: Chairman of DPC PERADI Jakarta Pusat
  • Since 2010: Dewan Pimpinan Nasional (DPN) PERADI
  • Since 2013: Chairman of Indonesian Bankruptcy Trustees and Administrators Association (Asosiasi Kurator dan Pengurus Indonesia - AKPI)


English and Indonesia

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